MBLAQ members are being treated as fools

5 Sep

With MBLAQ currently participating on an Mnet reality program titled, Kim Suro’s Prestigious University Class, the members have confessed their feelings of hardships regarding the views around them, as they all study in an effort to become accepted at the highly regarded Seoul University.

On the 4th, member Mir spoke for the first time since the show began, revealing his disappointments and mental hardships, “The students that were accepted by Seoul University study hard, as if 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for them.  They think that we’re going to be able to get in so easily, so they look at us in a bad light, which we completely understand.”

He went on to confess, “The MBLAQ members are also under a lot of stress and pressure since we have to get into one of the greatest universities ever.  It’s hard for us.

One student at Seoul University that appeared on the episode, also revealed that the MBLAQ members are being treated as if they are ‘fools.’

Netizens left comments such as, “The students that are aiming for Seoul University must study until their brains explode.  What about those students?  These types of TV programs need to be gotten rid of,” “It’s hard enough for the students that practically lived in high school to get into Seoul University, why would the show even aim for that school with MBLAQ? They should change it to something easier and more realistic, like MBLAQ studying for a city college,” and “They should quit the show if they’re getting in the way of the students.  Not just Seoul University students, but in the way of any one that is truly there to learn.

Source: Star News

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