Who’s Jo Kwon’s mystery duet partner?

1 Sep

2AM’s Jo Kwon is recording another duet, but this time we don’t know who it is with.

In a recent video interview, Jo Kwon was filmed talking about this new duet.

He says the the person’s name, but it is beeped out, and all we know is that she is older than him.

Fans are very curious as to who this woman is. They commented,

“If it’s a duet, maybe it’s Ga-In again?”
“Who is this woman he looks up to?”

Jo Kwon even tweeted with the link of this video, “Never thought this day would come.” I’m guessing it’s someone he really looks up to.

The whole thing is part of a “Mystery UCC” event where people have to guess who she is.  More videos from various artists will come out, and they will all talk about this singer. Who do you think it is?

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