Rain clarifies his position on the controversy with JTune Entertainment

1 Sep

With singer and actor Rain embroiled in a controversy with his own company, he has recently come forward with a clarification on the case, but it seems like the public won’t be so understanding.

On the 31st, Rain explained his side of the story through an interview with a press company, “I’m not a manager, I’m just an investor that invested in myself.“  He confessed his thoughts and feelings on the pressure that was put on him when he never participated in the actual managing aspect of the company. Rain also revealed that he’s raised the profits of his company and has changed the sales distribution, from what was originally a 7:3 ratio to a 5:5 ratio, in order to give shareholders a larger profit.

However, netizens remain divided on the issue. Those that support his changes have stressed that Rain is accepting a 5:5 profit distribution ratio.

Some netizens have supported his decision by leaving comments such as, “If it’s 5:5, he’s basically no better than a rookie. From Rain’s standpoint, he’s going to be losing billions of dollars,” “There’s never been any other business owner or board of director that has shown this much responsibility,” and “It’s a huge sacrifice he’s making.

The entire controversy began last July when it was revealed that Rain, the largest shareholder of JTune Entertainment, sold his security holdings while the company was in a deficit. The public has brought up a variety of opinions on the issue, with some thinking that it was the right choice, and others considering it a disappointment.

Netizens continued to leave comments, stating, “He’s always acted like he was a perfectionist, so it’s disappointing to see him come out with excuses now and act like he had no idea,” “He should know that as the largest shareholder of a one-man company that his actions largely affect the worth of his stock and profits. Rain’s recent clarification just seems like he’s cut out his apology and instead emphasized what he’s losing,” and “Please show us more responsible actions if you consider yourself a top star.”

On the contrary, netizens have also supported him by leaving comments such as, “Rain is also a normal human being. Why would he do nothing as his investments are being lost? It was right for him to sell them,” “It’s Rain’s fault that the prices of the company’s stocks dropped because of a major shareholder liquidating all of his share, but we need to take note that the law has not yet decided his guilt or innocence,” and “I can see why his actions would be intolerable, but it’s too late to take back the crime anyway.”

Source: MyDaily

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