PSY joins YG Entertainment

27 Aug

It has just been announced that singer PSY is now a part of YG Entertainment!

A few moments ago, YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, had an interview with Star News, stating, “A few days ago, I decided to work with PSY. We actually talked about this a few years ago, before he went to the military, but the contract was finally signed. I was actually one of his councilors for his military issues.”

He then stated PSY’s reason for joining YG Entertainment. “PSY is hardworking but it is hard for him to manage a company due to his young age. He was worried a lot about managing his own company, so I talked about this issue with him frequently. He is multi-talented, as he writes his own songs and does many CF’s. His concerts do great as well. There is not much that I can do to help him, as he is doing great already. I will support him through his future growth.”

His album is also set to release on October, and is now very anticipated due to his new label.

Welcome to the YG Family, PSY (Park Jae Sang)!


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