Perez Hilton likes Sori over Justin Bieber?

27 Aug

After singing praises about Taeyang’s I’ll Be There music video just five days ago, gossip blog king Perez Hilton is now swerving the spotlight onto none other than Sori for her track 1Chance!

When Sori first released her second mini-album Hip Girl back in June, 1Chance immediately rustled some feathers for its stark similarities with Justin Bieber’s One Time. Although the rumors didn’t really lead anywhere, it looks like Perez connected the two tracks as well, calling 1Chance a cover of Bieber’s song then admitting, ”Sorry, Justin, but we kind of like this version better!

Perez has featured many hard-hitting artists like Big Bang and Super Junior in the past, so it’s nice to see him feature a track by Sori that was never promoted individually.

So which do you like more – is Bieber’s version better to the ear or do you agree with Perez?

1Chance vs One Time – which do you like more?


1Chance vs One Time
– which do you like more?

Thanks to Czarina for the tip!


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