Kim Jong Kook has emergency back surgery

27 Aug

On the 27th, singer Kim Jong Kook received back disk surgery at Seoul’s Kwan Ahk Goo Chung Ryong Dong Kangnam Choice hospital.

Affiliated individuals from the hospital said about the singer’s condition, “Kim Jong Kook received an endoscope high frequency disk surgery. Because the bottom part of his vertebra ruptured, we performed a surgery where we used the frequency’s heat to put his disk back into place. Although we did perform the surgery, we will have to wait for further results. For now, Kim Jong Kook should have plenty of rest and not partake in any strenuous activities.”

Kim Jong Kook’s management company, 101 Entertainment, stated, “Kim Jong Kook carried on with his daily activities without knowing that he had a ruptured disk. He did feel pain, but didn’t think much of it, and he endured his condition with painkillers while filming SBS Running Man.”

The company then continued, “The hospital told Kim Jong Kook to rest, but he keeps being stubborn and insists on continuing with his activities. For now, we decided to follow the doctor’s orders.”

I’m glad Kim Jong Kook’s management made the right decision in letting the singer rest after such a dangerous surgery. Hopefully he gets better soon and shows his “muscle body” back on ‘Running Man’. Although Yoo Jae Suk might be a great MC, he does needs someone like Kim Jong Kook to check him every once in a while.


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