CNBlue holds a successful showcase in Singapore

22 Aug

CNBlue held a successful showcase cum fanmeet over the weekend at University Cultural Centre (National University of Singapore). Attracting both female and male fans, the showcase/fanmeet lasted about 1.5 hours. CNBlue sang a total of 9 songs, namely, Let’s Go Crazy, Love Revolution, Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning by Jong Hyun, I’m A Loner, Love Light, Love, I’m A Loner (Burning Version), One time, and Now Or Never.

They were also asked if they have tried Singapore’s local dish, Chili Crab, prior to the showcase. Yonghwa mentioned that they have a “schedule” for it.

Lucky fans received hugs, personalized autographed of their latest albums, Jungshin’s worn T-Shirt, Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s guitar picks, and Minhyuk’s drum sticks.

A lucky female fan was also serenaded by Yong Hwa, while CNBlue’s Singapore fanclub also presented a cake in celebration of their Asian Tour.


The members of CNBlue revealed they would like to return to Singapore and hold a full scale concert if an opportunity rises. They will be heading next to Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

CNBlue is also set to make a comeback in October.

Many thanks to Jacintha from Prooflabel for making this possible.


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