Yang Hyun Suk teared after watching 71-Into the Fir

17 Aug

YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk became very touched after watching Big Bang T.O.P’s appearance in the movie 71-Into the Fire.

On June 8th, the YG Family daddywent to Seoul’s Lotte Cinema in order to watch a V.I.P premiere of 71-Into the Fire and view T.O.P’s acting skills. In the movie, this charismatic Big Bang member plays the role of a character named Oh Jang Bum. There have been spreading compliments among those who have already watched the movie that T.O.P was very good as an actor.

Fellow members G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri who all came to the premiere raised their thumbs towards T.O.P’s superior acting skills. Regarding the movie, members commented, “We can see how much work and effort he put in towards this movie” and “We feel good that he came out well.”

Daesung texted T.O.P after the preview, “I knew how hard it was for you to film this movie, but because it is a war movie it seems to have been even harder. However, you were portrayed very well in this movie, so congratulations.”

Congratulations to T.O.P for his first war movie appearance!

He was really good as an actor throughout his completed works, so I am sure he will be great for this one as well.

S : allkpop


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