SHINee fans terrorize and attack a little known talent

17 Aug

A talent that goes by the name of Yoo Nina has been under the microscope lately, with all kinds of scary attacks coming from fans of SHINee.

How are SHINee fans involved, you ask?

Some fans took note of Yoo Nina when they saw her with who they thought was SHINee’s Jonghyun. However, the person she was with ended up being a lookalike that goes by the same name.

Fans suspected that Yoo Nina was trying to take advantage of ‘Jonghyun’ at dinner once, by forcing him to take pictures with her in order to increase her fame. That’s where the nightmare began for her.

Fans went on to terrorize and attack Yoo Nina using all kinds of methods, one of the most popular methods being the spreading of false rumors. It got to the point where the singer started to suffer from severe depression and insomnia, and had to be taken to the hospital to get psychiatric support.

Her agency was forced to get the police involved, and they plan to take legal action against most, if not all of the fans who spread the ridiculous rumors.

Just crazy on the part of the fans?

Or it may be the girl just milking the exposure, with SHINee as her target.

S: Nate


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