Wang Biho compares Nine Muses to SNSD

16 Aug

Next up on Wang Biho’s hitlist: Nine Muses.

On the 15th, Wang Biho stated, “Who’s Nine Muses? Oh LPG,” on KBSGag Concert.

He had left the girls speechless with that statement.

He continued, “I did a background check on Nine Muses. There are 9 members but I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere. Aren’t they the knockoffs of the Chinese version of SNSD? The knockoff SNSD who copied the Chinese-version of SNSD who copied SNSD.

Now if the part about being a knockoff of a knockoff wasn’t enough, he again continued, “I heard that Park Jin Young gave you your debut song, but do you think he gave you all a good song? He probably gave you the leftover after giving all the good ones to his company artists.

However, this was all just for good laughs and no offense was taken, because we all know that if Wang Biho talks about you then you have become somewhat famous.

Source : allkpop


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