Rain’s online clothing mall gets store clearance

16 Aug

It’s been reported that Rain’s not-so-successful online clothing brand Six to Five is having a huge sale at the moment, in attempt to get rid of all their merchandise as the site will no longer be in business. In other words, the site’s having its closing down clearance sale.

Six to Five gained great deal of attention since its launch in 2008, as superstar Rain announced to be the main designer for the brand’s merchandise. 6to5 even showed their confidence in success by guaranteeing that the site will be raising more than a million dollars a year during its launching event.

However, the clothing mall miserably failed to succeed in the competitive market.

Recently, the ownership of the site was shifted to SungJoo DND, resulting the website to close after its short two-year-long run.

Currently, the website is having a store clearance sale, lowering all the price of all items up to 90%; a Rain’s personally designed T-shirt now costs only $4. This is no doubt a huge humiliation for big star Rain. Due to such heavy load of traffic at the moment, the site has not been accessible for a while.

Well, $4 for a shirt is a pretty good deal.


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