DJ DOC apologizes to BoA on Inkigayo

16 Aug

On the 15th, DJ DOC made a surprise appearance towards the end of Inkigayo.

Last time DJ DOC and Inkigayo were put in the same sentence was when, 1) Lee Ha Neul ranted about Inkigayo’s corrupted system via Twitter, and when 2) Lee Ha Neul “cursed” Inkigayo on the stage of their M! Countdown performance. After those controversies, it seemed as if DJ DOC was never going to set foot on Inkigayo’s stage again, but they proved likewise as they did so on yesterday’s Inkigayo.

On this day, DJ DOC made a surprise appearance during SHINee’s victory stage for winning first place this week. On stage, they revealed a poster that read, “first apology.” Their “first apology” can be for a few things, but according to Nate News, this apology was for their actions when BoA won first place on the 13th. DJ DOC had surprised viewers when they threw a fit with BoA’s victory, and when Lee Ha Neul flung BoA’s flower bouquet onto the stage floor.

However, BoA had spoken up about this incident after Inkigayo via her Twitter. Along with a picture, she tweeted, “DOC oppas surprise present, even with their busy schedules… I didn’t take anything the bad way oppas. Let’s do our activities together and have fun. I’m this kind of person.

Despite DJ DOC’s surprise appearance, they again did not perform on Inkigayo. Their agency expressed that no decision has been made regarding them performing on Inkigayo as yet.

On another note, SHINee’s Lucifer got first place on Inkigayo for two weeks straight now, and it was first place on Music Bank’s K-chart for two weeks straight from July 30th to August 5th.

Regarding their victory, SHINee stated, “We want to thank our company representatives who worked hard for us. We want to give this honor to our fans.

Source : allkpop


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