Throwback: Turbo makes me want to twist!

15 Aug

It was Friday afternoon and I was taking it easy going through some old K-Pop videos from back in the day.  They brought back so many good memories, because old school K-Pop was just so happy-go-lucky, lively and full of energy.  I decided to post a few of them up on our Twitter and Facebook and the response was surprisingly large!  Well, that’s when we decided to do a weekly feature on random old school K-Pop artists.  These features won’t be a long ass history lesson (maybe sometimes), but they will be somewhat thorough, with the addition of our personal experiences, feelings and commentary, but most importantly, videos of their performances and songs – so hopefully you guys enjoy it and learn a thing or two about the roots of K-Pop.

I started shifting through my collection of 350+ K-Pop albums dating back to 1996, and I landed upon the group that really sparked my interest in K-Pop; which was none other than the two member dance group, Turbo.

Turbo released their first album “280 km/h speed“ in 1995, and consisted of two members, rapper Kim Jung Nam and vocalist Kim Jong Kook (whom you should be familiar with).  They definitely took the dance world by storm and became the next hot thing, right alongside Deux.  But it wasn’t until their 2nd album, “New Sensation“, that I became a huge fan of the group.  This album sold over 800,000 copies in the first 2 months, something that just doesn’t happen these days in K-Pop!

Their title track “Twist King,” from the 2nd album, totally swept the charts and I would rent Gayo videos weekly to catch every single one of their performances.  We didn’t have the convenience of the internet or Youtube at the time, nor was K-Pop very popular, so yeah, we had to hit up the local Korean video store.  But it was that addicting and totally worth it, because at the time, the choreography was just too awesome to describe in words… see for yourself

Turbo continued their 2nd album promotions with “Love Is…(3+3=0)”, another huge hit and finally ended with “At the Jazz Bar…”.

With this 2nd album, Turbo made a huge dent in the music industry and left their mark as one of the top dance groups.  Unfortunately, as soon as they made it big, the group fell apart, leaving Kim Jong Kook searching for a new member.  Finally, Kim Jong Kook found California resident, Mikey, and Turbo returned with their 3rd album “Born Again…“.

This album was a huge hit as well, with hit songs, “HweSang (Remembrance/December)” and “Goodbye Yesterday”.

Turbo eventually went on to make a 4th and 5th album, both of which were extremely successful, as well as a History album before they officially disbanded and Kim Jong Kook went solo.  All of Turbo’s albums were million sellers and this group is definitely missed by many.  Check out the hit songs from Turbo’s 4th and 5th albums: “I got a girlfriend,” “Tonight” and “Cyber Lover“ below.

Well, that’s all for this week’s “Throwback“, but stay tuned for another old school K-Pop artist next week.  On a side note, who here is from these good old Turbo days?  Hopefully, this brings back some good memories for you as well!

Source : allkpop


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