Has Invincible Youth lost its identity?

15 Aug

According to AGB Nielsen, a ratings research company, the ratings for KBS Invincible Youth’s episode that aired on the 13th was 8.1%, the same as it was during the previous week.

The recent episode of Invincible Youth was a horror summer special called, ‘Farming god.’

For this episode, everyone was divided up into two teams, G7 (Narsha, Kim Sori, Victoria, Jooyeon, Hyomin, Han Sunhwa, and Goo Hara), and T-ara’s Jiyeon and B7 (MBLAQ, Lee Suk Hoon, and Park Hyun Bin).

The teams were then given a series of questions that they had to answer, and the losing team had to undergo a horror experience. The games that they had to play ranged from sticking as many watermelon seeds on one’s face as possible, to taking off a pair of stockings as fast as possible.

The program also prepared the peppero game (but with peppers), and had everyone paired off into boy-girl couples.

However, this episode sadly left viewers unimpressed, because they played games that did not have any relevance to the episode’s title, ‘Farming god.’

Viewers commented, “This week’s ‘Farming god’ was really lame,” “Is this a match-making program?” and “Worst Invincible Youth episode.

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Edit : Mutiara @nabilaworld

Source : allkpop


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