BoA wins K-Chart on Music Bank plus other performances

15 Aug

On the August 13th episode of KBS Music Bank, various artists were present to perform their individual songs on special stage settings built to the tune of a summer theme.

After winning in the past two weeks, SHINee was out of the running this evening (they were 3rd), as fellow labelmate, BoA took on DJ DOC for the K-Chart. In the end, BoA was the one who won today’s K-Chart with Hurricane Venus! Congratulations to BoA for her first trophy since returning!

BoA also thanked her fans on her Twitter after the broadcast.

Excluding the big debut stage of Nine Muses, and comeback stages of Rainbow, SECRET and JQT, other artists who performed today include: The Boss (No One… Anyone), Seo In Kook (My Baby U), Teen Top (Clap), G.NA feat. Mario (I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better), Infinite (She’s Back), Hwanhee (While Doing), miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl), Se7en (Better Together), Son Dambi (Queen), DJ DOC (I’m This Kind of Person) and SHINee (Lucifer).

Check out all the performances from today below!

Minho resumed dancing with SHINee for this week.


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