Super Junior Eunhyuk to temporarily leave Star King?

25 Jul

On the July 24th episode of Star King, Super Junior Eunhyuk has confirmed to be taking a break from the show to focus on his dancing. He said that he is going to leave Star King for a few months and practice dancing a little bit more. It is also rumored that Eunhyuk will be withdrawing from Dream Team Season 2 but said to be staying as one of the regulars in Strong Heart.

As to what other reasons he has, OHKPOP respects it.

On July 24th’s episode of Star King, Eunhyuk has announced that he will take a break from appearing in Star King to focus on improving his dancing skills.

He said that after he had the dance battle with George Sampson, he realized that he needed to practice his dancing skills more. So, he’s going to refrain from appearing on Star King to practice dancing for a few months.

I have heard that Eunhyuk’s not going to be on Dream Team too as he needs time to practice his dancing skills. He’ll probably still appear on Strong Heart though.


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